The latest firmware that enable FlareConnect are released

The firmware which enable FlareConnect for the VSX-S520/VSX-LX302/VSX-LX101/VSX-1131/VSX-932/VSX-LX102/VSX-832/VSX-831/SC-LX901/SC-LX801/SC-LX701/SC-LX502/SC-LX501/NC-50DAB/N-70AE/N-50AE/N-30AE/FS-W40/X-HM76/X-HM76D/X-HM86D/XC-HM86/XC-HM86D are released. For updating the firmware, visit support page.

More information about FlareConnect setup:

How can I setup and enjoy FlareConnectâ„¢ multi-room audio?


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