April 25, 2017 – Pioneer will release a firmware update April 25 enabling Chromecast built-in wireless audio streaming on selected home hi-fi components, AV receivers, home theater systems, and network speaker systems manufactured in 2016 or later.

The Chromecast built-in platform links compatible apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android™ phones and tablets, Chromebook™, and Chrome™ browser on Mac, Windows®, and Linux PCs to Pioneer components over 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi®. Users can stream music, Internet radio, and podcasts from the most popular online services for a smooth and convenient wireless playback experience.

A variety of Chromecast-enabled apps are ready, from sports broadcasts, comedy, and educational podcasts to millions of songs from all over the world. All content is easily accessed via smart device and enjoyed through Chromecast-enabled speakers or sound systems.

Sampling transmission rates of up to 48 kHz maintain the original fidelity of the source without compression for enjoyment of lossless CD-quality music.

No initial setup routines or passwords are required to connect and stream, making it easy for family members and friends to hear their favorite content instantly from their preferred apps on their own personal devices. Furthermore, users are free to make and receive calls and run other applications without interrupting playback.

To enjoy the Chromecast built-in experience, devices must be connected to the same wireless network and apps must be Chromecast-enabled. Discover Chromecast-enabled apps at g.co/cast/audioapps. For more information on Chromecast built-in, please visit https://www.google.com/chromecast/built-in/

The April 25 firmware update is available for the following Pioneer products:

SC-LX901, SC-LX701, SC-LX501, VSX-LX101, VSX-1131, VSX-932, VSX-832, VSX-831, VSX-S520D, VSX-S520, SX-S30DAB, FS-W50, FS-W40, N-30AE, NC-50DAB, XC-HM86D, X-HM86D, X-HM76D, X-HM76, MRX-5, and MRX-3

For decades, Pioneer has served customers with the latest technology to deliver music and home entertainment in high fidelity, just as the artist intended. The addition of Chromecast built-in enriches a wealth of wireless audio streaming technologies already integrated within Pioneer components and speakers, adding value to the user experience.

Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation

Please note that Pioneer cannot guarantee correct operation of streaming audio via Chromecast built-in in every wireless network environment even if the above requirements are met. Some applications supporting Chromecast built-in require a paid subscription and are subject to regional availability.

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