The old "iControlAV2", "iControlAV2012", and "iControlAV2013" iOS App are not compatible with iOS 11.

Please install the latest "iControlAV5" iOS App. This App support all product models of above Apps.

"iControlAV5" at App Store:

Supported receiver models:

SC-LX901, SC-LX801, SC-LX701, SC-LX501, VSX-831, SC-LX89, SC-LX79,

SC-LX59, VSA-1130, VSA-830, SC-LX88, SC-LX78, SC-LX58, VSA-1124,

VSA-824, SC-LX87, SC-LX77, SC-LX57, SC-2023, VSA-1123, VSX-S510,

VSA-823, SC-LX86, SC-LX76, SC-LX56, SC-2022, VSA-922, VSA-822,

SC-LX85, SC-LX75, VSA-LX55, VSA-1021, VSA-921

Supported Blu-ray player models:

BDP-X300, BDP-180, BDP-LX88, BDP-LX58, BDP-170, BDP-160, BDP-450,

BDP-150, BDP-LX55, BDP-440, BDP-140, BDP-LX54, BDP-430, BDP-LX53,