The following instruction is applicable for models developed by Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation starting from 2016.

[Restarting Pioneer receiver]

When the unit is operating erratically, Restarting the unit may help it operate more smoothly.

To restart the unit, turn it to standby, and then press [STANDBY/ON] on the main unit for at least 5 seconds. (The unit’s settings will be maintained.)

If there is no improvement even after the unit is restarted, try disconnecting and reconnecting the power cords of the unit and connected equipment.

[Resetting Pioneer receiver]

When there is still no improvement, resetting the unit to the status at the time of shipment may solve the problem.

If you reset the unit status, your preferences will be reset to the defaults. Note them down before performing the operation below.

How to reset the unit:

1. While holding down [AUTO/DIRECT] on the main unit, press [STANDBY/ON] on the main unit.

2. "Clear" appears on the display and the unit returns to standby. Do not unplug the power cord until "Clear" disappears from the display.

There may be other ways to reset your AV receiver. Please refer to the user manual of your model.

You can download user manual here: